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Deals giving you the feels? We're here to help!
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How It Works

1. Get the Deal Sweats

2. Call for Help

3. Get talked down from hitting the checkout and wrecking your budget

We've all been there.

You go out to see what the crowds are like, maybe pick up a gift or two. Then you see it.

Your pulse quickens. Sweat starts beading on your skin. Your breathing elevates.

You've found it: a deal that makes you weak in the knees. "I could definitely use one of those," you think. "It's perfect! I can't believe it's not sold out! This price seems like a total steal!"

You put it in your cart. Make your way to the checkout and buy it. And not once did the though cross your mind: Can I afford this? Will this purchase get me into trouble?

No worries - that realization comes later in the month when rent is due, or next month when the credit card bill shows up in the mail. Now those wireless earbuds, that 4K TV, that quesadilla maker don't seem so exciting. And that's when it hits you: Buyer's Remorse.

Avoid it all together this Black Friday–place a call to the National Black Friday Deal Help Hotline, and we'll help you make wise spending decisions and avoid regret.

Get the Help You Need

Give Us a Call

Yes, we're a real hotline! Give us a call and we'll help you determine if it's a good deal and ,if needed, talk you down from making an unwise spending decision.

Chat With Us

Fancy a chat instead of a call? Works for us! Start chatting with us right now and you'll have deal clarity before you know it!

Send Us a Message

Looking to avoid direct human contact as much as possible? No worries! Send us a message and we'll get back right away!

We can all help prevent Buyer's Remorse. The Hotline provides free, confidential support for people in considering making what might be an unwise purchase.

We're here to help you have a great holiday. No judgement, just helpful, common sense advice.

Black Friday Facts

It's prime time to move old stock

Many "deals" are how manufacturers and retailers clear out their supply chains and get the old stuff nobody wanted out the door.

For example: this year you'll see the Nintendo Switch bundled with a free game. What the ads don't tell you is it's the 1.0 version of the console, which has much less battery life (2.5-6.5 hours)than the current version (4.5-9 hours).

Better deals may come later

Don't be surprised if you see some of those Black Friday "deals" come up again later in the season.

Aside from those crazy '5 per store' doorbusters, the best deals are usually found in last week before Christmas, when most people do their shopping.

Deal-jà Vu is real

If you feel like you've seen some of these Black Friday deals before... it might be because you have. Most retailers repeat many of the deals year-to-year.

So if you miss out on something this year, don't worry - you'll probably get a chance next year. (Or before, which brings us to the next point...)

Stores are after your money

You might this one was written by Captain Obvious, but it's good to keep in mind. Retailers lure you into their stores with low prices or giveaways because they've done the math: getting you in the store means more money in their pockets.

For example: a store will be more than happy to sell you an older or reduced-feature TV for a super-low price so they can sell you a full/over-priced HDMI cable and TV mount. And that toaster that's on sale. And that sweater...


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